Pediatric Nutrition

Discover how to eat healthfully while meeting the needs of your child, all within the context of the family and school environments. Learn the basics from formula and milk needs, to first foods and progressions, to well-rounded, balanced meals for toddlerhood and beyond. I also provide counseling for picky eaters, severe food allergies, school athletes, childhood obesity, and potential or existing eating disorders.

Nutrition for Academic Excellence

Help children perform up to their potential at school by contributing to the student curriculum or getting involved in school events and activities. I have presented extensive Pediatric Nutrition lectures to parents, teachers, and PTAs, as well as led hands-on activities to teach students about healthy eating and portion control at school Health and Wellness Fairs. I also assist various schools such as PS 6 (NYC), working with its administration, cafeteria, children, and parents to help schools best meet their nutrition needs.

The Ketogenic Diet

Discover the many benefits of the Ketogenic diet. The diet chosen is individual to each case and discussed among the patient, family, RD, and doctor.

The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that has been established as an effective treatment for intractable epilepsy in children, as well as adolescents and adults. In recent years, variations on the diet have been created (to improve palatability and compliance), and studies have been conducted and published all over the world to demonstrate its efficacy. The traditional Ketogenic diet produces ketones in the body, which are byproducts of the dietary fat being metabolized for energy. Although the multiple mechanisms by which the diet reduces seizures are not completely understood by researchers, all variations have shown to be effective.

The Ketogenic diet continues to be researched in relation to brain disorders such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s, and a range of cancers and mitochondrial disorders.

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