What Would Bobbie Eat? Month 4

Finally!!!!  The end of my third month and the beginning of my fourth meant it was time for my husband and I to share our exciting news!  We waited until we had the nuchal translucency screening test.  This is the test that occurs between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy...

What Would Bobbie Eat? Month 3

Month 3 I could not believe how fast my body was changing.  Not only was I getting a tiny bump, the rest of me was transforming.   My waist, hips, and chest were all beginning to expand.  I was quickly growing out of my clothes, piece by piece.  This was clearly...

What Would Bobbie Eat? Month 2

Month 2 Back to Reality and New York I came home from vacation with a couple of extra pounds.  Was it the food? Water-retention from flying?  OR the baby?   A week later at the doctor’s office, it was a total of 3-4 pounds.  I asked her if weight gain this early in...

What Would Bobbie Eat? Month 1

Of course I had no idea I was pregnant until I finally took a test.  I still wasn’t convinced until I went to the doctor, saw the ultrasound, and heard my baby’s heartbeat.  I was concerned that it could take us awhile to get pregnant, but I was clearly mistaken....

What Would Bobbie Eat? Background Information

Some Background Information Since I am very superstitious and a bit of a worrier (ok, maybe an understatement?), my husband and I decided to wait the full three months to share our news with most of our family and friends.  That is also why I waited to start this...

What Would Bobbie Eat? Introduction

As a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, many of my clients, friends, and acquaintances ask me how I eat/what foods I choose on a regular basis and how I structure my own workouts.   I am creating this blog to share exactly that information with you.  BUT, what...

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