Services Offered

Initial Nutrition Assessment

A thorough health, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle analysis is performed during your first visit.

Follow-up Nutrition Counseling

You will continue to meet with Robin as often or as little as is mutually discussed and decided.

Food Journal Instruction

Food journaling has been correlated with the greatest success in weight loss. In can also reveal a great deal of information about food habits and behaviors.
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Nutrient Intake Analysis

Using computer analysis to analyze your current macronutrient and micronutrient intake will help determine changes needed meet your goals.
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Comprehensive Meal Planning

Whether you desire precise meals plans or flexible eating suggestions, Robin will create a plan that works for YOU.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Determine how many calories your body requires to function, and thus how many you need to meet your goals.

Body Composition and Circumference Analysis

The scale is not always the best tool to track success. Measuring inches and body fat percentage are great primary or additional methods to mark progress.

Supplement Recommendations

Even a well balanced diet may not be “perfect” everyday. Robin will help design a supplement regimen to counteract deficiencies, prevent and treat health conditions and symptoms, and maximize your health.

Sport-Specific Food/Drink Timing

As a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Robin assists athletes of all levels (from the weekend warrior to the competitive marathon runner) in properly fueling their activity.

Exercise Program Development

Robin will coach you through each and every personal training session and/or provide you with an exercise regimen to complete on your own.

Group Nutrition Presentations

Robin provides group lectures on: weight loss, pediatric nutrition, diabetes, and other topics.

Grocery Store Tours

Robin will accompany you on a trip to the grocery store to help you do your weekly shopping and educate you on nutrition labeling.

Cooking Lessons

Learn how to prepare simple dishes, complete balanced meals, snacks for your kids, and tasty treats.

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