The Robin Barrie Approach

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As a coach and collaborator, Robin’s approach includes:

Individualized Plans

Robin carefully analyzes your nutrition history, lifestyle details, work, social schedules, commitment to change, budget, and particular nutrition and fitness goals to create a realistic, sustainable, lifelong plan that works for YOU.

Complete and Focused Programs

A thorough Nutrition and Fitness assessment will be used to create meal plans, exercise programs designed by the trainers from the Gyms in Dallas, TX, supplement regimens, and education sessions required to best meet YOUR needs.

Realistic, Attainable, Sustainable Goals

Robin focuses on creating changes that will improve your lifestyle and last. Crash diets do not elicit long-term success, and exercise is a permanent life factor for the continued maintenance of fitness goals. You can and will reach realistic, attainable goals and milestones, one at a time for sustained success.

Frequent Follow-Up and Contact

Robin communicates with you in-person and via phone or email on a regular basis to help you maintain motivation, address questions and concerns, make any necessary adjustments, and stay on track

Robin’s approach has helped hundreds of clients make positive changes, achieve their goals, and transform their bodies and lives.


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